Rampur Hound



In old books Rampur hound is described as this:

Rampur hound is described in 1907 "NEW BOOK OF THE DOG" as

The Rampur hound or greyhound of Northern India: from Rampur in north-west India comes the hound that bears the name. It is a large greyhound of powerful, coarse build, very fast, being much valued and principally employed for hunting jackal, and is useful for running down wounded big game it is described as follows: "the head is long, and flat between the ears, which are filbert shaped and set close to the cheeks. The jaws formidable nose decidedly roman. The eyes bright and yellow, and expression hard and cruel. The coat is like that of a newly clipped horse, mouse Grey or black; dogs of the latter color being the rarest and considered the best. The loin is not prominently arched. The tail is carried horizontally, slightly curled upward and is not fringed or tufted. The legs are straight and long, with hocks well let down"

The feet stand the hard ground, whereas an English greyhound’s will not. Height 29 inches to 30 inches; weight, average 75lb. The Rampur hound especially the black one are stated to be " queer tempered" biting without barking. But very good, obedient and faithful with people they know. Dogs of this variety have been brought to England and some time ago typical specimens are exhibited in Dublin.


Strong Head with Charecterstic Nose

In a Swedish dog book by Carl O M P Leuhusen, printed in 1932 the Rampur is described like this;


The Rampur hound is a member of the big sighthound family. His natural habitat is the North West of India och he is described as a smooth haired sighthound, substantially built. He is mainly kept in his homeland to hunt the jackal, but is also remarkably capable of tracking down and killing wounded game.The head of the Rampur is broader and more substantial than the head of the English Greyhound. He has a flat skull and a pointed nose. It has a charactaristic roman bend. The bite is extremely powerful.The ears are set high, kept smoothly along the head and pointing forward. They are rather big sized.The eyes are mostly of a yellowish color.The color of these dogs is mainly mouse grey or black. Black being most sought after.The coat is short like a newly trimmed horse. But otherwise the constitution of this breed resembles the other sighthound breeds.



                          Hare feet


One old, rare picture of original Rampur hound